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eden's premium product

1. Digital Product Promo Kit – Eden Fried (Usual $37)

The Digital Product Promo Kit was created so that you can use ready-made, easy-to-use templates to help your product get the attention it deserves. The kit includes professionally designed Canva Templates, copy scripts, content prompts, and more.

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Yadsia's premium product

2. How to Sell With Conversions Ad Campaigns – Yadsia Iglesias (Usual $27)

Learn how to set up a Conversion Campaign on Facebook and Instagram to reach and convert ready-to-buy customers and sell your low-cost digital product.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Julie's premium product

3. Sell Printables on Shopify Mini-Course – Julie Berninger (Usual $47)

This mini-course teaches you how to get a Shopify printables store setup with a basic theme, all the right apps, and a basic launch strategy that helped Gold City Ventures scale to 5-figures on Shopify with minimal effort.

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liz's premium product

4. Just Presell It – Liz Wilcox (Usual $49)

The biggest mistake Liz sees business owners making? Spending so much time creating a product that they don’t have enough energy to sell it. And honestly that’s just ridiculous.

Stop creating A+ products and start seeing if anyone will buy it first. Here’s the exact outline Liz uses to presell an idea BEFORE she creates it.


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Lizzy's premium product

5. The Tripwire Training – Elizabeth Goddard (Usual $47)

The Tripwire Training is an in-depth course covering everything you need to know to start making surprise money with a tripwire offer. It’s easy, quick, high-value, low-effort and 100% ick-free.
You’ll learn how to plan, set up, launch and refine your tripwire funnel — all do it in no more than a couple of hours.
But more than that… you’ll discover a simple way to make surprise money while you grow your list. No more waiting until you reach a bazillion subscribers to bring in the sales.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Carly's premium product

6. 25 Canva Pin Templates – Carly Campbell (Usual $37)

25 gorgeous canva pin templates that are easy to edit and help to make pin creation painless (and FAST)! These templates are created using the FREE version of Canva – no paid elements required.


Contact Support: [email protected]

Lucrezia's premium product

7. Disclosures Template – Lucrezia Iapichino (Usual $27)

Created by an international lawyer, these done-for-you disclosures templates and bonus resources are specifically designed for bloggers, course creators, affiliate marketers, and other online entrepreneurs and are ideal for websites, blog posts, e-books, e-courses, freebies, and more! Perfect to comply with the FTC guidelines, avoid fines, rank well on Google, and be accepted into affiliate programs and brand partnerships.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Stacy's premium product

8. 1 Month Access To The Fearless Creator Training Portal & Mastermind Community Access – Stacy Zant (Usual $37)

Start Your Fearless Journey to Increase Your Presence & Reach as a Fearless Creator in Community. Weekly Increasing in Visibility & Profitability (YouTube, Social Media & Podcasting) Mastermind Sessions. Productivity Template System, Guides and Pre-recorded Tutorials.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Tracie's premium product

9. Easy Printables – Tracie Fobes (Usual $47)

The step-by-step instruction to help you not only know what to create – but how to do it! You’ll get instructions for creation on three platforms, so you can use the one you know best. Your access to the course is lifetime, so you can refer back to it anytime you need.

Contact Support: [email protected]

jessie's premium product

10. Your Blogging Breakthrough – Jessie Festa (Usual $74)

This course includes mindset-shifting resources and powerful planning tools for serious bloggers who want to:

-Have fun and feel creative in their business
-Create an actionable growth strategy for their blog
-Wake up full of purpose and excitement every single day


Contact Support: [email protected]

becky's premium product

11. Self-Publishing Mastermind – Becky Beach (Usual $47)

In this mastermind, you will learn how to self-publish a commercial use Travel Planner from PLR Beach. Watch over Becky’s shoulder as she creates the planner for Amazon KDP, researches keywords, and MORE. You also get the Jungle Fun Travel Planner template in PowerPoint as a BONUS!

Contact Support: [email protected]

Lisa princic's premium product

12. Membership Success Blueprint Workshop – Lisa Princic (Usual $97)

Ready to add 5-10 new members every month to your membership program? I created this one-of-a-kind workshop to help you create your successful launch blueprint. I go over the structure to confidently grow your unique program, including:
+ Expert positioning
+ How to create a predictable sales & marketing system
+ Engagement secrets so your current members will stay


Contact Support: [email protected]

melanie's premium product

13. Email & Affiliate Marketing Spreadsheets Pack – Melanie Dougherty (Usual $27)

This set of Google spreadsheets will help you track your own sales through email marketing, as well as sales through your affiliate promotions and sales of your products by your affiliates. Pre-built formulas do all the heavy lifting for you and there’s a video walkthrough to help get you set up and ready to go! Now you can make your marketing decisions based on your own data!

Contact Support: [email protected]

Lucy's premium product

14. Getting Started with Trello Mini Course – Lucy Reyes (Usual $47)

If you’re a solopreneur but know it’s time to simplify your biz systems so that you can boost your productivity, Trello is for you! This mini course will help you set up with Trello and learn how it can help you get more structure within your online biz as a blogger or content creator within the next hour or less!

Contact Support: [email protected]

lori's premium product

15. 1 Month Access to Re-Imagination Club – Lori Winslow (Usual $37)

The Re-Imagination Club membership offers PLR and live training every month. Each month you will receive a brand new PLR pack and the re-imagined version, after we create that on of our 3 live calls each month. We also re-imagine other PLR creators products and discuss other business topics once a month.


Contact Support: [email protected]

JoDitt's premium product

16. Pretty Lead Magnet Toolkit for Low Content Creators – JoDitt Williams (Usual $27)

Building your email list is EASY with these PRETTY printables and downloads – that are Done For You!
Not a designer? No problem!
Use the downloads as is, or customize them using the dozens of easy-to-edit Canva templates.

Contact Support: [email protected]

dodge's premium product

17. Undated Work Week Planner – Dodge (Usual $27)

Inspired by Dodge’s actual in-office planner, the Undated Work Week Planner ensures that you can stay on top of any deadlines and appointments with ease. This is a simple, minimalist design, with a monthly overview and weekly spreads from Monday to Friday. Provided as PowerPoint templates in 3 popular sizes.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Cynthia's premium product new

18. The Empowered Empath Affirmations Journal (PLR)- Cynthia Siqueira (Usual $37)

Help your heart-centred customers to promote an empowering mindset while you grow your business with this transformative PLR Journal. A4 and 8.5’x11′ sizes, available in PowerPoint, Affinity Publisher and Canva template.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Shawn's premium product

19. The Planner Starter Kit – Basic Set – Shawn Hansen (Usual $27)

“The Planner Starter Kit – Basic Set” is an easy-to-edit PowerPoint File with 44 page layouts, 5 cover designs, and 5 frame designs – Plus it includes both full-color and black and white Options, how-to Training, and PLR/Commercial Use Rights. This flexible set of templates is designed to get you selling right away!


Contact Support:

carmen's premium product

20. 1 Month Access To Monthly Insider Club For Printable Sellers – Carmen Chan (Usual $37)

What you will get from the Monthly Insider Club every month:
– Brand exclusive PLR printable worth at least $27 with q video tutorial on how to customize the product and sell in your shop
– Access to Selling Printables On Etsy course ($37 value)
– An Etsy / Business lesson video training with actionable steps and practical strategies to grow your printable business. 
– Exclusive 20% discount on all PLR products all year round

Contact Support: [email protected]

heather's premium product

21. Freelance Writing for Beginners: The Basics – Heather Ritchie (Usual $27)

This eBook teaches you the ins and outs of freelance writing. Learn how to choose a niche that makes money, define your ideal client, create portfolio samples, how to create a freelance writing contract, and much more. After reading this eBook, you’ll know how to set up your business with confidence and find writing clients.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Lisa Mulhern's premium product

22. Manage Your Time 4 Week Course – Lisa Mulhern (Usual $45)

Why do some people get a fantastic amount accomplished, while others struggle to get anything finished?
The truth is many people sabotage themselves when it comes to being productive. They waste time without consciously meaning to. These self-sabotaging patterns and habits are creating havoc in their lives. If you’re ready to feel less stress and enjoy more free time, this course is for you!


Contact Support: [email protected]

sheila's premium product

23. Kids Music Planner + Guitar Extension Pack Commercial PLR Template – Sheila Anderson-Mochrie (Usual $60)

Make it easy with this done-for-you family planner and music practice schedule template. This set of templates offers 95 pages with functional layouts, perfect for tracking kids’ instrument and guitar practice routine.
It comes with full Commercial Use Rights and can easily be listed as is or altered to make different kinds of kids’ printables or POD products. 

Contact Support: [email protected]

cousett's premium product

24. DIY WordPress Website The Right Way – Cousett Hoover (Usual $100)

There are a lot of courses out there and a lot of courses on how to start a blog. The DIY WordPress Website The Right Way looks to go beyond the free YouTube videos that might be hard to follow. This course not only shows you how to set up your site but how to get started with one of many different themes so you can accomplish the look you want.

Contact Support: [email protected]

25. Creating Kids’ Printables In Canva – Faith Lee (Usual $97)

Printable children’s activities are probably some of the easiest to create and also the most popular printables to sell online. Here’s a step-by-step course that will teach you how to create different types of children’s printables that are fun, educational, and also great in demand! Includes Canva templates with commercial use rights.

Contact Support: [email protected]

Rayven's premium product

26. Amazing Affirmations – Morning Magic Coloring Pages – Lady Rayven Monique (Usual $30)

20 PLR coloring pages featuring an illustrated affirmation centered around starting your day off right. These pages can be resold as-is, or added to another journal, planner, or coaching program. All files in PDF and JPG.


Contact Support: [email protected]

Natalie's premium product

27. The Idea Pin Starter Kit – Natalie Bardo (Usual $49)

The Idea Pin Starter Kit with click-by-click lessons and templates so you can effortlessly create Pinterest Idea Pins that are unique to you, your brand, and your blog for FREE in Canva. Includes a 60-minute step-by-step Idea Pin creation class and teaches the ten styles of Idea Pins you can create. Plus, get started even faster with Idea Pin Templates and an interactive workbook.

Contact Support: [email protected]

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