There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there.

So what makes this one different?

Many Summit attendees experience a “Summit High” — a feeling of adrenaline rush and a strong sense of motivation after going through multiple inspiring and action-packed presentations for consecutive days during a Summit.

However, this positive feeling dissipates as a sense of overwhelm replaces it because there has been an information overload from the intensive learning packed in just a few days.

When overwhelm sets in, paralysis kicks in, and one may find themselves to be back again in the rut they were in, pre-Summit.

I promise you I am not gonna leave you hanging even after the Summit ends in five days.

My commitment is to guide you through for the rest of the month of May so that you can really put into action the things that you have learned from each of our Summit Speakers.

This is the reason why it’s called the “30-Day Business Plan Summit”.

ALL Summit Attendees will be invited to join our pop-up Facebook group which will be open for access from 25 April until 31 May.

This is where you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, learn from Summit Speakers during the event, as well as receive guidance from Summit Host, Faith Lee for one whole month for FREE.

biz plan challenge

The Objective

To encourage you (with incentives!) to not just attend our 30-Day Business Plan Summit passively but to watch the presentations and come up with an actual plan on APPLYING the new skills, tips, and ideas that you have picked up and TAKE ACTION to grow your business and have the breakthrough you want!

The Grand Prize

One Challenger will receive a scholarship worth over $2000+. They will receive 6 months access to Summit Host, Faith’s Design Your Biz Mastermind program where they get unlimited access to all 30+ courses, access to an exclusive members-only community, monthly ‘live’ training and personal guidance by Faith in this group coaching program.

The Gold Prize x 10

Ten Challengers will receive a personalized feedback and review of their plan delivered in a 15-minute video recording done by Faith.

The Silver Prize x 10

Ten Challengers will get to choose ONE course out of Faith’s 30+ design, marketing and business training courses.

The Bronze Prize x 20

20 Challengers will receive a $27 coupon code to redeem any private label rights products in Faith’s PLR Printables shop.

Winners will be selected at random but chances are increased for those who present a more compelling plan and play a more active role engaging in the presentations as well as in our Summit Facebook group.

How To Participate In The Challenge

18 April to 1 May: Register for our Summit and pledge your participation in our Challenge

2 to 6 May: Attend the Summit and catch as many presentations as you can. Don’t forget to interact with our speakers in the chatbox and in our Facebook Group to increase your chances of winning!

2 to 6 May: Submit your 30-Day Business Plan. (See Challenge Entry form at the bottom of this page.) Submission closes at midnight Eastern Time on Friday, 6 May.

9 May: Winners will be announced on both Facebook group and via email!


pledge your participation in the challenge

You DON’T have to pledge your participation to take part in the Challenge.

The deadline for submitting your Challenge Pledge is now over. Please submit your 30-Day Business Plan to enter our Challenge in the form below!

challenge entry: submit your 30-day business plan

After registering for the Summit, check your email or the Facebook group to get access to our 30-Day Business plan template.

Only entries submitted from 2 to 8 May will be considered.

Deadline for Challenge entry submissions have been extended to 8 May 2022, Sunday, midnight EST.

With the extension of the deadline, the announcement of the results will take place on Friday, 13 May, via email and on our Facebook group!

ADVICE: Please take a screenshot of your form BEFORE submitting the form. If you encounter any problems submitting the form, please send the screenshot and your 30-Day Business Plan to [email protected] with subject heading “CHALLENGE ENTRY”

Winning chances are doubled for All Access Pass holders and tripled for Business Success Premium Toolkit customers.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

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