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day 1: 2 may 2022

8 AM: Summit Kickoff – Faith Lee

9 AM: Printable Mistakes You Want To Avoid – Tracie Fobes

10 AM: IN 30 – Growing Your Email List & Your Business by Sending 30 Emails in 30 Days – Melanie Dougherty

11 AM: How To Grow Your Business & Profits With A Low-Cost Membership – Shawn Hansen

12 NN: Boost Sales With Low-Cost Facebook & IG Ads – Yadsia Iglesias

12:30 PM: [FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION] Exclusive Interview With Yadsia

1 PM: What Is PLR & Why Should You Care? – Dodge

9 PM: Debrief and Feedback ‘LIVE’ On Facebook – Faith Lee

day 2: 3 may 2022

9 AM: I’m Building My Audience. Now What? How to turn new new leads into buyers – Liz Wilcox

9:30 AM: [FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION] Building Community through Email – Liz Wilcox

10 AM: How To Edit Your Low Content PLR Templates – Lori Winslow

11 AM: Small But Mighty: Monetizing With A Small Audience – Faith Lee

12 NN: Printable Selling Tips For New Etsy Sellers – Carmen Chan

1 PM: How to Grow a Flourishing Email List Using the Power of Pretty and Generosity – JoDitt Williams

9 PM: Debrief and Feedback ‘LIVE’ On Facebook – Faith Lee

day 3: 4 may 2022

9 AM: Set Yourself Up For Success – Lisa Mulhern

10 AM: The Seasonal Product Secret Strategy to 4 Figure Months on Etsy – Julie Berninger

11 AM: How to Supplement Your Blog Income by Offering Freelance Services – Heather Ritchie

11:30 AM: Path to $1K – Faith Lee

12 NN: How to Grow Your Audience and Revenue With A Membership Program – Lisa Princic

1 PM: How To Grow Your Blog Traffic & Get Seen – Jessie Festa

1:30 PM: [FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION] How to Grow Your Email List Without Breaking the Law – Lucrezia Iapichino

9 PM: Debrief and Feedback ‘LIVE’ On Facebook – Faith Lee

day 4: 5 May 2022

9 AM: [FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION] Simple No-Freebie List Building – Elizabeth Goddard

10 AM: How to Turn Your New Subscribers Into Instant Customers With A Tripwire Offer – Eden Fried

11 AM: How To Hire A VA For Your New Business – Sheila Anderson-Mochrie

12 NN: Top 7 Tips For Etsy Creator Websites – Cousett Hoover

12:30 PM: How to Set Goals (When You’ve Come Up Short in the Past) – Corey Fradin

1 PM: Marketing & Product Creation Tips From A 6-Figure Personal Use Printables Business Owner – Becky Beach

1:30 PM: Cover Design Hacks – Coloring Books Edition – Chad Eljisr

9 PM: Debrief and Feedback ‘LIVE’ On Facebook – Faith Lee

day 5: 6 may 2022

9 AM: 5 Helpful Habits For Better Business Productivity – Mim Jenkinson

9:30 AM: How To Get Your Biz Organized with a Strategic System (Even as a Newbie) – Lucy Reyes

10 AM: Uncover Your Soulful Business Values – Cynthia Siqueira

11 AM: The Crazy Simple Way To Get Loads Of Pinterest Traffic – Nadalie Bardo

12 NN: How To Build A Thriving Business By Hiring The Right People – Lady Rayven Monique

1 PM: Fearlessly Streamline Your Work Process to Create More Productivity & Profitability – Stacy Zant

1:30 PM: [FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION] Exclusive Interview With Stacy Zant

9 PM: Debrief and Feedback ‘LIVE’ On Facebook – Faith Lee

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