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Looking for links to today’s presentations?

1. Check your email

Every day during our Summit, you will receive an email at 8 AM EST with the links to all the presentations scheduled for the day.

Please kindly check your spam folder in case our emails get lost there.

If you still don’t see the emails, you might have previously unsubscribed from our list or have not yet confirmed your subscription and, therefore, the emails cannot get to you.

Please try to sign up for the Summit again with a different email address and make sure you confirm your subscription to receive emails relating to our Summit.

2. Join our Facebook group

On top of the daily emails, the presentation links are also posted on our Facebook group every day at 8 AM EST as well as 10 minutes before each Speaker’s scheduled ‘live’ chat session.

Join our Facebook group here to stay on top of all the Summit’s happenings and interactions!

To facilitate the Summit, Faith, our Summit Host, is online every day from 9 AM to 2 PM EST when our Speakers are ‘live’ in the chat and replies typically within minutes during that period. However, she’s in GMT+8 time zone which means she’s 12 hours ahead of Eastern Time. If you have reached out but haven’t received a response, it’s probably her bedtime. We seek your kind understanding and patience. Thank you so much!

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